Jury Duty in Austin


I've never served on a jury before. Monday I go downtown to see if I get selected to serve. I've already done the online impaneling. Monday, I report to court for selection.

I wanted to research the Texax jury process, particularly whether my contract agency would be required to pay me for my jury time. (They don't and they won't.)

Here are some of the more interesting links I found about reporting for jury duty in Austin:

  • Jury Duty in Austin Texas - An article on what to expect from the Austin jury process. It's an older article, but still seems relevant.
  • I-Jury Simplies the Impaneling Process - Discusses the experience with the online impaneling process, as well as some frustrations with the selection process. Jon Wisser, the judge in this article, officiated at my wedding last year.
  • American Jurror - A web site produced by the Texas Young Lawyers Association with information on jury duty.


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re: Jury Duty in Austin

I got a jury duty summons before and I was excited that I'd actually get to serve. Instead I spent 5 hours at the court house and was never asked a single question like "What are your views on corporate liability?" or "Do you agree with capital punishment?". I think I got a $6 check.

re: Jury Duty in Austin

I had jury duty this past Monday. I sat in the hallway until the assigned time to report. About a half hour before that time, a person came around and essentially took attendance. At the assigned time, the judge came out and told us he had either disposed of the cases or they asked for a continuance. He thanked us, dismissed us, and told us it did count for jury duty. In all, I think my jury duty lasted about 10 minutes.

re: Jury Duty in Austin

That was my experience, also. Apparently the strategy is for lawyers to see if enough of a jury shows up before deciding whether or not to settle cases w/o trials. (i.e. if there aren't enough jurors that show up they can claim mistrial or something).

Terribly inefficient for many reasons, but I guess it's better than, say, trial by dictator.