More Ubuntu Brokenness: kdepim


I'm beginning to think I need to create a new blog category called "Ubuntu Edgy Brokenness". I continue finding functional defects that just shouldn't persist in post-beta software.

You may remember that I was delighted to find that the Linux kernel in Edgy would sync my Samsung i-500 PDA/phone, whereas Dapper would just hang. Unfortunately, I later realized that it was syncing a blank calendar.

This is a known and reported bug. The workaround is to build kdepim from source.

I did that and it works. But if I wanted to be building the blasted system from source I'd be running Gentoo Linux.

So, you might think, the solution is to get more involved in testing and bug reporting. Unfortunately, I've been there and done that, and I've yet to receive acknowledgment on a single one of the Ubuntu bugs that I've reported. I don't know what to productively do, other than cross my fingers and hope that the Feisty release next year isn't as bad.

Nov. 26 update: This bug has been fixed for the next release. Also, I finally got a response to a Ubuntu bug report I've made. Huzzah!