Ubuntu Edgy Eft: Love the Release, Hate the Upgrade


I upgraded chinacat to Ubuntu Linux Edgy Eft (version 6.10) tonight.

The upgrade did not go smoothly.I had to rerun apt-get and aptitude many times to get it to run to completion. It failed to upgrade the "restricted modules" package once again, so I lost my Nvidia graphics. Plus it downgraded me from the AMD K7 kernel to the generic i386 kernel.

The good news is that it didn't trounce any files along the way, so I didn't have to drop into system recovery mode. I just kept beating on package files until the install completed.

The best news is that the Palm sync breakage that was introduced in 6.06 appears to be fixed. I was having to boot another system on the old Hoary Hedgehog (version 5.10) release and mount my home directory across the network to sync my Samsung i500 PDA phone. I'm so delighted by this fix that any ill thoughts I had about the upgrade are mostly mitigated.


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re: Ubuntu Edgy Eft: Love the Release, Hate the Upgrade

I know Ubuntu's not Debian, but with a Debian system upgrades are best made gradually. If you are continually grabbing the new packages as they are released, the final version upgrade involves installing just the last few new packages.

If you are able to track the new Ubuntu packages more closely, I'd recommend that instead of trying to install everything new all at once.