Tech Show Web Site is Active

I recently posted about the community technology television show I am producing. Editing is complete, and I'm just fixing up the show's technicals. I expect the air date of the first show will be the first week of November, give or take.

The first official announcement of the show should happen this evening, at the Dorkbot event. That seems like a good idea because that crowd should be into a local technology show. Not to mention that the first show is all about Dorkbot.

So, in preparation of all this, I've got a web site and a MySpace page setup. If you are interested in the show, I recommend heading over to the web site and subscribing to the news and announcements RSS feed. Here is the info:

Stay tuned for announcement of the first show date.

Oct 15 update: The air date of the premiere is Thursday, November 2 at 9:0pm on cable channel 10. Details here.