Post Office Adventure

It was 11:00pm and we had 30 wedding invitations to put in the mail. No problem, the Post Office has been advertising the heck out of their 24-hour, automated stations.

The girlfriend and I drove to the Northcross location. There was an "our of order" sign on the stamp machine. It was visible from the front door, and as I walked closer I could see all the angry graffiti scrawled on it.

Right next to the stamp machine the automated postal machine was flashing its own out of order message on the display. "Cannot dispense stamps," it said.

Thinking the outage was a fluke (and wanting the task complete), we decided to drive over to the Far West station. There, things were even worse.

The stamp machine in that office not only had an "out of order" sign on it, but all product had been removed from the display window. The message on this automated machine said it was down for nightly maintenance, with no indication whether it would take five minutes or five hours to complete.

We could have tried driving up to Balcones Woods or Braker Lane, but by this point the USPS message was clear: we're incompetent, don't rely on us.

And the moral of the story is that crappy service will sabotage your marketing campaign. Maybe the USPS should shift some of their marketing spending to operations and maintenance.


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re: Post Office Adventure

I think they're upgrading the machines all over town. The machines at the University station have been down for over a month. First they were out of stamps, then a sign read "down for maintenance," and went I went by yesterday to mail my tax return, the sign said it was in the process of an upgrade. I've used the modern-looking custom postage machine at the Speedway station in Hyde Park several times, but the University station only had a stamp vendor. Maybe these are the machines they're upgrading. Still, it's frustrating to be unable to get stamps when you need them.

re: Post Office Adventure

Forget the post office. The best place to buy stamps on weekends (or any other time, for that matter) is HEB. Just go through any checkout stand and ask for a book of stamps.

re: Post Office Adventure

Despite the post office's best efforts, I have to say that invitation is one the classiest I've ever received.