Good Bye to Vinyl

I've since realized how big a pain in the ass ripping can be. I recently ripped my CD collection, and I was surprised at how arduous that was. I was cursing the quality of Free DB data—but at least there was data. There is no Free DB for albums; you can't checksum vinyl.

The metadata problem may be the smallest of the issues for rippying vinyl. I'd need to get a good analog-to-digital converter to capture the sound, tools to slice the audio stream into tracks, and lots of sound processing to clean it up. It's a lot of work and I'm realizing it just isn't worth it.

So, time for plan B. Instead of spending $200 on equipment and software to rip albums, I'll spend that on buying replacement CDs. That would buy me about 30 used discs at $6 a pop. That would probably be enough to get me the albums I really want.

Today, I inventoried the albums so I can decide what to replace, and if there are any rarities I want to keep. Maybe I'll keep the original issue of Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers with the working zipper. Or maybe Stomo Yamashta Go. Then, with the rest, I guess I'll see if somebody on Craig's List wants them.

So, here is the music of the first 30 years of my life. From high school (Jethro Tull and James Taylor) to college (Grateful Dead and Hot Tuna) and beyond (Talking Heads and Thomas Dolby).

  1. Aerosmith; Aerosmith featuring "Dream On"
  2. Allman Brothers; Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil, Dollar Gas
  3. Allman Brothers; The Allman Brothers Band at Fillmore East
  4. Joan Armatrading; Show Some Emotion
  5. J. S. Bach; Brandenburgische Konzerte Nr. 1, 2, 4
  6. The Beatlest; Introducing the Beatles
  7. Jeff Beck; Flash
  8. Jeff Beck; Truth
  9. Jeff Beck; Blow by Blow
  10. Jeff Beck; Wired
  11. Bethoven; Symphony No. 5 in C Minor
  12. George Benson; Good King Bad
  13. Big Brother and the Holding Company; Cheap Thrills
  14. Boston; Boston
  15. David Bowie; Let's Dance
  16. David Bromberg Band; Midnight on the Water
  17. David Bromberg; Demon in Disguise
  18. David Bromberg; David Bromberg
  19. Jackson Browne; Late for the Sky
  20. Dave Brubeck, Dave Brubeck's Greatest Hits
  21. The Byrds; Mr. Tambourine Man
  22. Chicago; Chicago
  23. Eric Clapton; Too Much Monkey Business
  24. Stanley Clarke; School Days
  25. Jimmy Cliff; In Concert The Best Of
  26. Bill Cobham; Life & Times
  27. Ry Cooder; Bop Till You Drop
  28. Cream; Live Cream Volume II
  29. David Crosby, Graham Nash; Wind on the Water
  30. Croby, Stills, Nash and Young; So Far
  31. Roger Daltrey; One of the Boys
  32. Dire Straits; Brothers in Arms
  33. Thomas Dolby; Blinded by Science
  34. The Doors; The Doors
  35. Bob Dylan and the Band; The Basement Tapes
  36. Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Works Volume 1
  37. Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Works Volume 2
  38. Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Welcome Back my Frieds to the Show that Never Ends
  39. Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Pictures at an Exhibition
  40. Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Emerson, Lake & Palmer;
  41. The Firesign Theatre; The Tale of the Giant Rat of Sumatra
  42. The Firesign Theatre; Don't Crush that Dwarf Hand me the Pliers
  43. Fleetwood Mac; Heroes are Hard to Find
  44. Peter Frampton; Frampton Comes Alive
  45. Jerry Garcia; Cats Under the Stars
  46. Jerry Garcia; Garcia
  47. Jerry Garcia; Reflections
  48. Jerry Garcia; Run for the Roses
  49. Genesis; Genesis Live
  50. Steve Goodman; Words we can Dance To
  51. Steve Goodman; The Essential Steve Goodman
  52. Grand Funk; We're an American Band
  53. Grateful Dead; Reckoning
  54. Grateful Dead; Wake of the Flood
  55. Grateful Dead; Volume 1 (Bear's Choice)
  56. Grateful Dead; Blues for Allah
  57. Grateful Dead; Steal Your Face
  58. Grateful Dead; Europe '72
  59. Grateful Dead; San Francisco's Grateful Dead
  60. Guess Who; The Best of the Guess Who
  61. George Harrison; Thirth Three & 1/3
  62. Jimi Hendrix; The Cry of Love
  63. The Honey Drippers; Volume One
  64. Hot Tuna; Hot Tuna
  65. Hot Tuna; First Pull Up Then Pull Down
  66. Jefferson Airplane; Bark
  67. Jefferson Airplane; Flight Log
  68. Jefferson Airplane; Volunteers
  69. Jethro Tull; Aqualung
  70. Jethro Tull; Songs from the Wood
  71. Jethro Tull; Songs from the Wood
  72. Jethro Tull; Too Old to Rock'n'Roll: Too Young to Die!
  73. Jethro Tull; Stand Up
  74. Jethro Tull; Minstrel in the Gallery
  75. Jethro Tull; A Passion Play
  76. Jethro Tull; Thick as a Brick
  77. Elton John; 11-17-70
  78. Rickie Lee Jones; Pirates
  79. Rickie Lee Jones; Rickie Lee Jones; MFSL Original Master Recording
  80. Freddie King; 17 Hits
  81. King Crimson; In the Court of the Crimson King
  82. The Kinks; Soap Opera
  83. Leo Kottke; The Best
  84. Nicolette Larson; Radioland
  85. Led Zepplin; Led Zepplin (Zoso)
  86. John Lennon; Imagine
  87. Gordon Lightfoot; Don Quixote
  88. Little Feat; Waiting for Columbus
  89. Little Feat; Time Loves a Hero
  90. Little Feat; Feats Don't Fail me Now
  91. Little Feat; Dixie Chicken
  92. Little Feat; The Last Record Album
  93. Mahavishnu Orchestra; Birds of Fire
  94. Marshall Tucker Band; Where We All Belong
  95. Don McClean; Playin' Favorites
  96. Don McLean; American Pie
  97. Pat Metheny Group; Travels
  98. The Steve Miller Band; Living in the U.S.A.
  99. Joni Mitchell; Court and Spark
  100. Joni Mitchell; Dog Eat Dog
  101. Joni Mitchell; Clouds
  102. Joni Mitchell; The Hissing of Summer Lawns
  103. Monty Python's Flying Circus; Monty Python's Previous Record
  104. Mozart; Mozart Serenades, Eine Kleine Machtmusik
  105. Mozart; Symphony No. 40 in G Minor
  106. Martin Mull; Normal
  107. National Lampoon; Gold Turkey
  108. New Riders of the Purple Sage; The Best Of
  109. Orleans; Let There Be Music
  110. Robert Palmer; Pressure Drop
  111. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers; Southern Accents
  112. Pink Floyd; Dark Side of the Moon
  113. Jean-Luc Ponty; Enigmatic Ocean
  114. Pousette-Dart Band; Amnesia
  115. Pousette-Dart Band; Pousette-Dart Band
  116. Pure Prarie Leage; Bustin' Out
  117. Bonnie Raitt; Sweet Forgiveness
  118. Bonnie Raitt; Sweet Forgiveness
  119. Rolling Stones; Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass)
  120. Rolling Stones; Sticky Fingers; original release with zipper cover
  121. Rolling Stones; Sticky Fingers; MFSL Original Master Recording
  122. Santana; Inner Secrets
  123. Sea Level; Sea Level
  124. Andres Segovia; Segovia and the Guitar
  125. Carly Simon; The Best of Carly Simon
  126. The Great Society with Grace Slick; Conspicoous Only in its Absence
  127. Bruce Springsteen; The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle
  128. Bruce Springsteen; Born to Run
  129. SpyroGyra; Morning Dance
  130. Steely Dan; Pretzel Logic
  131. Steely Dan; The Royal Scam
  132. Steely Dan; Countdown to Ecstasy
  133. Steely Dan; Katy Lied
  134. Talking Heads; Fear of Music
  135. Talking Heads; More Songs about Buildings and Food
  136. James Taylor; Gorilla
  137. James Taylor; JT
  138. James Taylor; Greatest Hits
  139. James Taylor; Ten Years After
  140. Thompson Twins; In the Name of Love
  141. Traffic; When the Eagle Flies
  142. Traffic; The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
  143. Loudon Wainwright III; Attempted Mustache
  144. The Who; Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy
  145. The Who; Who's Next
  146. Sonny Bou Williamson; One Way Out
  147. Steve Winwood; Arc of a Diver
  148. Stomo Yamashta; Stomo Yamashta's Go Too
  149. Stomo Yamashta; Go
  150. Stomo Yamashta; Go Live from Paris
  151. Yes; The Yes Album
  152. Yes; Fragile
  153. Neil Young with Crazy Horse; Everybody Knows this is Nowhere
  154. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention; One Size Fits All
  155. Warren Zevon; Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School
  156. Artists United Against Apartheid; Sun City


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re: Good Bye to Vinyl

I've pared my vinyl collection down to 30 or so albums that are either irreplaceable in any newer medium or are interesting as artifacts. I still have plans to rip them. I've got the equipment I need. From what I hear, once you've got your album rips sliced into separate tracks, either Music Brains or CDDB (yes, I know, CDDB is evil) can take a stab at tagging them, because they go by sonic profiles.

One of these days, I'll do it and report on how it went.