Pundit-R BIOS Update Agony

First, I downloaded the latest BIOS flash utility and ROM image from the ASUS tech support site. I unbundled the ZIP archives and burned the following files to a CD:

  • the update utility: AFUDOS.exe
  • BIOS image: P4R8L-ASUS-P4R8L-1006.004 (will display in DOS as P4R8L_AS.004)

Next, I downloaded the FreeDOS Lite image and burned it to another CD. At first I tried the plain FreeDOS package, but that was one of the many dead ends because it didn't have CD drivers.

With both CDs in hand it's time to begin the upgrade. First, boot off the FreeDOS Lite disc. When you get the "choose the drivers" menu, arrow down to the entry that loads just the ATAPI-CD driver and nothing else. This is very important. When I loaded HIMEM and EMM386 (the default) the flash utility failed complaining, "This program must be run in MS-DOS mode"

Once the system boots, exit the menu to a DOS prompt.

Next, we need to switch discs. Unfortunately, I found that I needed to go through a precise procedure to do this, otherwise I had problems browsing or accessing the disc. Here is the procedure that finally worked for me:

  • Type dir to display the contents of the disc. I think this may be necessary to load some message strings from the FreeDOS disc into memory.
  • Eject and remove the FreeDOS disc.
  • Load the disc with the BIOS update utility and firmware image.
  • Wait for the disc to load and the drive light to go out before proceeding.

Now, type dir to display the contents of the BIOS disc. If that works then congratulations: you are ready to flash. Use a command such as:

    afudos /iP4R8L_AS.004

The good news is that the BIOS flash ran to completion and the system rebooted fine. The bad news is that I don't think the updated BIOS did anything for me. My primary concern was reducing the Pundit-R system noise, and I'd read that later BIOS versions addressed that. I suspect that my system was new enough to have that fix already. Oh well, at least I got a blog article out of the ordeal.


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re: Pundit-R BIOS Update Agony

wow thnx heaps man, I just baught one myself and was a bitch to build, 4 Hours to install my SATA HDD and cuts all up my arm as a result.

My m8 says their are some BIOS's out there created by generic companies and home users that are designed to overclock this puppy to the max.

I would like to contact you on some technicle support if possible, my msn is aussie [at] clerk [dot] com

re: Pundit-R BIOS Update Agony

btw as for your noise issue, open the bios, go to the power management tab, look for hardware moniter i think it is and enable the Q-Fan smart thingy.

I noticed probly a 2 degrees celcius difference with it on so whats the need for it?

re: Pundit-R BIOS Update Agony

Burn the bios image as P4R8L.rom to a rewriteable cd, put it into the cd drive and start your Pundit.

Hold Alt+F2 and a bios image loader will start. First searching on a non existent disk drive and afterwards on the cd drive it recognizes the P4R8L.rom file in the file system root and updates the bios. After restart you can remove the disc and the bios is updated.

I found it somewhere in the Asus FAQ for another motherboard, tried it on the pundit and it works :)

re: Pundit-R BIOS Update Agony


How did you boot up your Pundit-R with a cd-rom ? I don't have any option in the BIOS to do this. Any tips ?