Never Again

Dear Senator Hutchison:

The most essential duty of our Federal Government is the safety and security of its people. Last week the Department of Homeland Security suffered complete failure in its execution of this mission.

I am furious that the Senate is even considering as its first order of business the repeal of the estate tax--an action that will benefit those who need it least, and jeopardize those who need it most. (I have heard stories this may be changed, and I pray that is true.)

What this Senate should be doing is delivering relief to the stricken in the southeast. And when that's done, it should be investigating why this colossal failure occurred.

In light of the problems demonstrated last week, I ask you to reconsider your position on tax cuts for the wealthy elite. Please prioritize FEMA funding over relief for the rich.

After 9/11 we declared, "Never again." Can we really mean it this time?

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