Genuine Joe Coffeehouse

This liveblogging coming from the newly opened Genuine Joe Coffeehouse, 2001 W. Anderson Lane. Finally, an evening coffeehouse choice comes to north-central Austin. They are open until 10:00pm.

I would describe the environs as relaxed and comfortable, but not grungy or ramshackle.

I stumbled into the tail end of poetry night. The poets are breaking up and heading home. They will be back next Monday.

I ordered a decaf americiano and chocolate chip cookie. The coffee was good. The cookie was killer. Three bucks and change. They look to have one of the better bakery cases in town.

Free wireless is available. No annoying login required. I'm sitting on the couch across from the register, and getting about 70% signal quality. There is even a little power strip on the floor beside me, should I need to plug in. For a while i was seeing contention with another device (they left their wireless set to the default channel 6), but that seems to be gone now.

There is lots of varied and comfortable seating, from counter to table to couches. This would be a great place to meet with friends. Seating is spread across a couple of rooms, and a front porch overlooking Anderson Lane.

While I can laptop just fine, other work may be a problem. The difficulty is that the room has diminished lighting, and there isn't good work lighting for reading and writing. There are a number of small lamps scattered about, but they aren't that great for reading. Green Muse, for instance, solves this problem by putting a worklight at each table.

So if you are looking for some quiet reading time in the evening, the lighting may pose a problem. Otherwise, it seems like a nice place to work or meet people or otherwise hang out. It's shooting to the top of my list.


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re: Genuine Joe Coffeehouse

I noticed the sign a week or so ago and have been meaning to check it out. I can't stand Texpresso, which was the only local alternative to $tarf*ck$ in that area. I'll definitely check it out. Count my vote for Genuine Joe's as a new AustinBloggers Meetup location, sight unseen.

re: Genuine Joe Coffeehouse

re: Genuine Joe Coffeehouse

Ran across this post looking for their address. Couldn't agree more about the place -- I'd been waiting for an alternative to Starbucks in our area (Allandale) for a while now. I find it to be a great place for lounging and laptopping myself (I don't mind dim lighting). Shameless plug -- my band is playing an acoustic set this Saturday (10/15 7pm). Stop by if you feel like it!