Adventures in Label Reading: H-E-B Coffee

I was at the local H-E-B yesterday to pick up some coffee for the office. While reading the side panel of the store brand Columbian coffee beans, I was surprised to find it had an ingredient list—one that listed more ingredients than just coffee beans. The ever ominous "artificial and natural flavors" was listed too.

This had me puzzled. What are they adding to the coffee beans? Monosodium glutamate? Beef tallow? Crack cocaine?

Until the puzzle is solved, a switch of brands is called for. I ended up with a bag of Newman's Own coffee (Newman's Dark Blend), and have been pleasantly surprised. It's a great coffee for the price. It isn't that much more expensive than the store brand, tastes a lot better, and doesn't contain inexplicable ingredients.


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re: Adventures in Label Reading: H-E-B Coffee

the best coffee in town for the best price is Katz's. i think it is available at central market now, but i pick up directly from the Sunset Valley Farmer's market.

Avi (the owner of Katz's Coffee) offers over ten varieties of organic, fair trade coffee for $5/half-pound. Much better than the overpriced organic fair trade offered elsewhere in the grocery store.

Mmmm.... coffeee...

- N

re: Adventures in Label Reading: H-E-B Coffee

HEB hasn't had any Folgers coffee for a week and a half now. They just have a sign on the shelf about "Sorry - there are coffee availability issues...". Whatever. You would think a large grocery store would have coffee.

re: Adventures in Label Reading: H-E-B Coffee

I'm sorry, I happen to work for HEB and can tell you that although its a big store, there is no correlation between the size of the store building and the contents. Although we can control the distribution of our own brands it is fairly difficult to control the vendors. Sometimes they happen to be out of their product and no matter how much customer wine about it there is nothing we can do until they full fill our orders for us to full fill the customers. Putting up a sign that appologizes is about the only thing HEB partners can do. We do not ask(as partners) for forgiveness just a little of logic or common sense, and a full understanding of the problem not just the oneside understandings most customers can offer. It takes a little more thought but it can relieve so much preasure and stress on both sides.