Texas Lege Nears Home Stretch

We are in the final month of the Texas legislative session. Midnight this morning was a key date in the legislative calendar. Any House bills that have not had their second reading (this means reported out of committee and brought up for a vote on the House floor) are now dead.

I believe that HB 3179, the bad telecom bill I discussed yesterday (and the subject of all the dueling cable/telco ads we're seeing on Austin TV) may be one of them. If so, that's good news. I'm trying to get confirmation before getting too excited about it.

The bad news is that the bill (along with HB 789 and its muni network ban) lives on as a backdoor amendment to SB 408, which is still alive, albeit bottled up in the Calendars committee.

I hope they won't be in a big rush to get that one to the floor for vote. It deserves the same fate.