Letter to my State Rep. on Bad Telecom

Here is the letter I just sent to Texas state Rep. Elliott Naishtat on the bad telecom legislation currently in the Texas house. This legislation would do terrible things like outlaw community Internet and take away local control of cable franchises.

If you care about these telecom issues, please consider contacting your state representatives. This web site makes it easy. For more information, see the Save Muni Wireless and the Free Press action alerts.

Dear Rep. Naishtat,

The House Regulated Industries committee has attached some very controversial telecom legislation (HB 789 and HB 3179) to the PUC sunset bill (SB 408).

HB 789 would prohibit municipalities from offering wireless internet access. HB 3179 takes cable franchises out of local control. These bills are harmful to Texas consumers, and harmful every business in the state but SBC.

Attaching these provisions to SB 408 is a cynical attempt to sidestep public hearings in the Senate. Public input on these matters is crucial. Please help stop these bad telecom bills, in whatever form they may take.

Thank you.

9:26a.m. update: I also called the Governor's Office at 800-252-9600. I sat on hold for a few minutes, but not too long. They took down my name, the list of bills that concerned me, and my position on them. It's easy, you don't have to give a big oratory on your position. In fact, I suspect they'd prefer you didn't.