Free Laptop


I'm giving away my old Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop to a good home. Or even a crummy home, if you can find something good to do with it.

It's a Pentium II 333MHz CPU. System memory upgraded to 384MB. No Ethernet. Busted latch and hinge cover. Battery was replaced less than a year ago, so that should be in great shape.

Here is the big thing: no Windows. I used to run Mandrake Linux on it, using the IceWm window manger.

If you could put this to good use, let me know.

May 11 update: The laptop is claimed.


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re: Free Laptop

I can use it - need a beater for GPS stuff.

re: Free Laptop

Is this the "i'm compiling sendmail @ 30,000 feet in first class, sipping an alcoholic beverage?"

Hell.. I'd use it as a webserver as soon as I own (waiting for it to come available).


re: Free Laptop

Heh, that's the one.

I also have the Pentium II mid-tower that was my workstation back before Laserlink hired me. That needs a home too. I tried listing it on Craig's List, but didn't get a bite.

re: Free Laptop

It`s a little bit bitter not to aford to buy a new one but this is the life level in Romania :(

re: Free Laptop

may i

re: Free Laptop

may i use it to help anybody with teir statistical problem, i will install SPSS, and help anyone who need statistical solve in indonesia.