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I've been thinking of getting a recordable DVD drive for my workstation. This can be a confusing topic for a couple of reasons.

Unlike CD recorders, there are a variety of competing formats (+ versus -), and then a number of recording methods (single versus double sided, single versus double layer). Although most (new) drives will support all the options, some are bettter at one than another.

Also, it sounds like media is once again an issue. In the past, you had to be concerned about burning "coasters" on bad CD media. These days, CD media is pretty reliable. What I read about DVD media suggests it's like that all over again.

Taken all together, things get real complicated—and I'm only considering data recording right now. If you want to do video ripping and burning it gets even worse.

Here are some sites I found with helpful information on the topic:


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re: DVD Info Sites

I've been pretty happy with the Plextor 708A that I bought about 12-18 months ago. I'm assuming they have a newer model that's as good.