Final Adventures of Fedora Core 3 Linux on an Inspiron 600m Laptop


Earlier this month, I wrote about the difficulties getting Fedora Core 3 Linux running on a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop. I found two problems: laptop sleep/suspend was non-functional, and I could not configure the touchpad taps. This will be my last entry on the matter.

I actually made some progress on the sleep/suspend issue. There are three different functions. In my first entry I documented the difficulties in getting sleep to work. Sleep provides the least power savings and may be the most difficult to get working, so I haven't pursued it further.

The suspend-to-memory function nearly works. The laptop suspends and resumes, but on resume the display is dead. I've tried using the radeontool gizmo to force the backlight on, but the display showed no response. I was able to (blindly) re-enable the network and log in remotely, and verified all other system functions seemed in order.

The suspend-to-disk function also nearly works. Unfortunately, the Fedora Core 3 kernel is shipped with CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND disabled. I downloaded the source RPM, enabled that function and built a new kernel. This worked with just one problem: on resume the b44 Broadcom wired Ethernet port was dead. I tried the bcm4400 driver provided by Broadcom, but that didn't work any better. The ipw2200 wireless Ethernet resumed fine, however, and that's helpful. Oh, also, I needed to exit the X graphical environment before the suspend, otherwise the video came back all mangled.

So, although I don't have sleep/suspend implemented, I have some promising avenues to investigate. I'm currently reloading the laptop with the Fedora Core 4 Test 2 release, so thus ends my adventures with Fedora Core 3. I'll report back any interesting developments.

Update: Don't hold your breath waiting for a Fedora Core 4 report.


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re: Final Adventures of Fedora Core 3 Linux on an Inspiron 600m

If you are still having trouble, I have some links you might want to look at. I got my 600m last week and I have (surprisingly) got everything to work.

First of all, to get you suspend to work, go to This guy has done a great job at a script, but I had to make two modifications. In the, I removed the if statement. One I did that, I just hit fn+esc and the laptop went into suspend. I also commented out

xinit /bin/false -- :1

because it caused my X session to hang.

On the wireless front, I simply followed the directions from the same link above. The latest drivers work great. Just make sure you delete the drivers that are already present with your kernel. Then run the make install command in the driver directory.

And check out NetworkManager, available at for a great app to connect to any wireless network.

If you have more problems, please email me.

BTW, thanks for the info about turning off eth0 at startup.

re: Final Adventures of Fedora Core 3 Linux on an Inspiron 600m

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