Thank You, Todd Baxter

Today, the Texas House approved a telecom bill that puts troublesome limits on community Internet. It could, however, have much worse.

Several representatives stood up and championed a bold vision for broadband in Texas. One of those champions was Austin Representative Todd Baxter. Baxter stood up for what's right for Austin-area businesses and citizens. He should be commended for his efforts.


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re: Thank You, Todd Baxter

I'll join you in that -- Baxter was terrific -- noting also, locally, that Eddie Rodriguez spoke in support of the good guys. Also, I thought Vicki Truitt's original amdt to the amdt was a real, good-faith effort at compromise, and after Coleman's amdt to the amdt went down, it was much appreciated - what we got is a lot better than nothing. Plus, several Republicans like Grusendorf and Hughes who had nothing to gain from it supported Coleman's amendment, to my surprise. It was a big loss, but it could have been worse.

And congrats to you, Adina and the SMW crew. Great job combating the behemoth (SBC)! Now go get 'em in the Senate.