New Cat on the Block

photograph of cat in Amazon boxThere has been a new addition to the household. His name is Rufus T. Firefly. Maybe someday kittys will be available on order from Amazon, but we got this rascal the old fashioned way: from the local humane society.

Only now, I realize I have a thing for pathetic cats. My last cat cc, who remains pictured in this blog's masthead, was the runt of the litter. He was the last kitty awaiting adoption, living in the dirt of a palm-sized flower pot outside a friend's apartment.

Rufus was one of a litter of three, the last to be adopted. When we first saw him, he was sleeping in the gravel of his litter box. It looked very sad but adorable.

The loss of cc was very hard, and it was a long time before I was ready to have another cat. Once that time came my girlfriend was uncertain she wanted a kitty in the house. She was fearful of the havoc the critter might wreak on her furniture and her sinuses.

Fortunately, he has not been harmful to either. Now, when it comes to socks laying on the floor that's another matter.

Even though I was more of the cat person going into this, it turns out the cat has taken a stronger liking to her. Cats are that way. They'll often pick their one household member to latch on to, and tolerate (barely) everybody else.

Some mornings we wake up and see that the cat has dragged socks over to the bedroom door, and left them as a little offering to my girlfriend. It would be cute, if not for the fact that it's my damn socks he's dragging.

It's nice having a little fuzzy guy around the house again.