Dewey Winburne Award

This year, I was one of the nominees for the Dewey Winburne Community Service Award. The award is given out annually at the SXSW festival. The award was given to Roger Steele, for his work at Menchaca Elementary School.

My nomination was for the Save Muni Wireless web site, with mention of the work I do for Austin Bloggers.

The anti-muni network thing was mentioned several times during the ceremony. Host Councilmember Jackie Goodman mentioned HB 789 in her opening comments. My friend Adina Levin was nominated too, and it was mentioned then. And, of course, it was mentioned for my nomination.

I'm very proud to have been considered. It's great we live in a town that values community service. It's great we have so many people using technology in innovative ways to improve our lives and culture. I'm flattered to have been considered among them.

All of the nominees got a nice engraved glass award. When Jackie and Dorothy Gilbertson-Winburne handed out the awards, however, they didn't realize they were engraved with names. So, we all got an award with somebody else's name. That turned out to be fun. I met several of the other nominees, as we swapped our awards around, to get things right.