Gregg Knaupe, Spammer for City Council

Gregg Knaupe is running for a seat on the Austin City Council. Gregg Knaupe is also a spammer.

Greg scraped the City of Austin web site, downloaded the list of city board and commission members, and added all of us to his emailing list without asking. Because of my interest in city affairs, I probably would have tolerated a one-time mailing. This, however, is unacceptable—not to mention a likely violation of the terms of service of his mail sending service.

I cannot imagine supporting somebody for elected office who displays such poor judgment. Could you?


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re: Gregg Knaupe, Spammer for City Council

So sue him. That would damn sure kill his campaign. What proof do you and others have? Filing the suit alone would probably get an apology out of him, he'd stop using the address and I bet he'd pay the $10 fine to everyone and cover your attorney fees, just to not have the black mark on his campaign.