Highland Galaxy is Out of this World


The mainstream movie theaters are mostly awful. The two main chains in town, Cinemark and Regal, make the movie experience excruciatingly, not fun. These theaters charge you top dollar to sit and watch commercials as annoying as the ones at home on TV—except these commercials are shown as full cinematic spectacles played at ear-splitting volume. At home, at least I have a mute button.

I remember the last time I went to the Gateway, a Regal cinema, by the time the movie got around to starting I was in a foul, miserable mood, not in a movie-watching mood. My girlfriend had it worse. She was fighting off a migraine, induced by the pounding commercial reel.

The Highland Galaxy, on the other hand, provides a completely pleasurable moviegoing experience. If you arrive early, you can sit in the quiet theater, listen to some background music, and converse with your companion. At show time, they dim the house lights, show a few trailers, and then run the feature.

I don't think I'm ever going to set foot in a Regal cinema again. Thanks to the Highland Galaxy cinema, I won't have to.


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While I agree that Cinemark and Regal don't offer the best experience, visiting a Carmike theater in a small Georgia town over Christmas made me appreciate just how bad the movie watching experience could be. At least most all the theaters here have stadium or gradiated seating and chairs made in the last ten years.

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We at the GALAXY HIGHLAND 10 appreciate the comments that have been attributed to our theatre. We strive on a continual basis to deliver the best and most comfortable movie experience in Austin.

As a result, we would like to invite everyone who posts or reads this to find out first hand how excellent the movie experience is at the Galaxy Highland 10.

We'll even throw in something FREE. All you have to do is PRINT OUT A COPY OF THIS OFFER, BRING IT WITH YOU to the GALAXY HIGHLAND 10 and we'll give you one (1) FREE SMALL POPCORN with a paid admission (LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER) Offer Expires 1/31/05.

Feel free if you have any questions to call our direct line @ 467-6165 or for showtimes call 467-7305.

We are 100% positive you'll enjoy your experience at the Galaxy Highland 10, where we create the magic in the world of entertainment!


Travis Wampler
General Manager

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Now that's cool! Hooray for Travis Wampler and the Galaxy Highland 10!

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While I may not be able to make it to the Highland 10 before the end of January, I will remember this kind offer and keep it in mind the next time we go to a movie.

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Coupons via blog comments? Sweet.

Time can stuff their person of the year choice, but add that to the list of things we learn about blogs in 2005.

We don't get out to the theater for movies much these days, but saw two over the holidays in Dallas (both at Cinemark theaters) and I was once again annoyed at the glut of commericals we had to endure. We tend to hit Alamo when we do get out, but we'll make an effort to get over to Highland before the end of the month to sample Chip's experience for ourselves.

(P.S. ABC joined mainstream media in noticing blogging in their year-end wrap-up.)

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Since the theater has been remodeled, it is my favorite regular theater. Took family/visting family/kids friends to see The Incredibles this holiday weekend (by mentioning to the Mom that there weren't any commercials before the movie). Got RAVES from all concerned: "Not so loud I needed new fillings afterward." "No stupid commercials." "Real butter on the popcorn!"
Plus, the parking situation is great.

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Very cool. I had been thinking about checking out the Galaxy 10. Now, I will definitely give them a look see.


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Thanks for the info! I will definitely see my next movie there.