Pop Quiz I: Keyboard and Mouse

  1. Why are ergonomics and proper computer use important?
  2. What is the most important guideline to avoid serious injury while using the computer?
  3. What is the proper position for feet and legs?
  4. What is the proper position for arms and hands?
  5. What is the proper placement of the computer monitor?
  6. What does the CAPS LOCK key do?
  7. Normally, how should CAPS LOCK be set?
  8. What does the NUM LOCK key do?
  9. Normally, how should NUM LOCK be set?
  10. When the computer asks you for some information (such as a name or telephone number), which key do you use to indicate when you are through typing?
  11. What is a cursor?
  12. What is a mouse pointer?

Here are some additional resources on ergonomics that I thought looked pretty good.

June 17 update: Answers posted here.