Resources for Keyboard and Mouse Practice

Keyboard Skills

Touch Typing -
A tutor for keyboard touch typing. Flash based. 15 lessons cover keyboard basics. Lessons are numbered and not well described. Somewhat incomplete, such as no coverage of upper case. Random characters only. No scoring or metrics.
Typing Pal Online -
The practice page has some good exercises with sample english passages. There is also a page with some helpful ergonomic information.
Learn 2 Type: Typing Test -
Scores typing speed and accuracy with a sample text.
Typer Shark -
Really good Flash-based game.

Mouse Skills

Mouserobics -
Web-based exercise (HTML, no plugins required) to practice hyperlink clicking. I've been using this in my classes for a while, and the students seem to find it helpful.
Popcap Games -
Game site with a lot of fun, well done Flash-based games. Several games use the mouse. The Bookworm game is a word puzzle game. The Insaniquarium is a weird feed-the-fish (and shoot aliens) game. These may be useful for getting comfortable with the mouse. One problem is they don't exercise the full range of mouse skills (not a lot of dragging or double-clicking). Also, like all games, need to be careful of strain.

One other nice meta-resource I found was the Computer Training Tutorials page by Chris Rippel. It is fairly current, and points to a number of resources that may be helpful for basic computer skills.


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re: Resources for Keyboard and Mouse Practice

Insaniquarium is a good way to "lose" a couple of hours and develop RSI. :) I'm fond of Bejeweled and Rocket Mania, both of which use the mouse a lot...

Websites like that make up for the general misuse of Flash across the web.

re: Resources for Keyboard and Mouse Practice

These are great resources! We've used the "Mouseaerobics" site with some of our trainees at my company. It's also useful when you get a new mouse. I used it last month to practice with the our remote mouse. Much better than fumbling around and swearing in the middle of a presentation to a crowd.