It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

As I watch the ongoing canonization of Ronald Wilson Reagan, I notice a feeling coming over me that I recognize. It's one that strikes every December, as I watch people celebrating an event that I do not observe. I try to be respectful of others who may hold different beliefs, but that soon gives way to irritation. I'd be glad to give them their space if they'd just show some small regard for those of us who do not share their beliefs.

I have a lot of genuine sorrow for his passing. I lost a grandfather to what may have been Alzheimer's, and it was terrible. That human tragedy doesn't change the fact that his administration was responsible for some horrible things, such as Iran-Contra and record deficits that persisted 'til the turn of the century. I'm perturbed by those, particularly in the news media, who try to whitewash the record.


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re: It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

Don't forget inaction at the beginning of the AIDS crisis which certainly cost many people their lives and spending money on ridiculous b.s. like Star Wars Missile Defense.

Every president has his good and bad points, some more bad than good, but I agree that the current memorials are more than a little skewed.

It's also sick how some people are using it to their advantage. A tribute would consist of a section of his website, not an entire splash page.

I actually had a right-leaning co-worker tell me with a straight face yesterday that he thought that Reagan's death would "turn the country around". In his mind, his death is somehow going to get more backing for G.W. this November. I'm guessing that the right-wing media is spouting this somewhere as I doubt he came up the idea on his own, however bizarre. I guess someone at the G.W. campaign website agrees. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.

As Jello Biafra so prophetically titled one of the great songs about Ronnie, "We've got a bigger problem now."

Speaking of annoying, were The Wife and I the only ones put off by the snoring and hiccuping jerk at the Paramount last night?

re: It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

Reagan was one of the greatest environmental vandals we've had in the whitehouse. Soon as he got in office, he canceled all the enviromnental initiatives started by Jimmy Carter.
Later I remember reading about how he spent tens of millions of taxpayer money throuhg the forest service, to build logging roads through areas that were too rugged and had too few trees for any timber companies to bid on them.