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A friend's mother suspects her computer has been badly infected by malware. She's tried to get it cleaned up, but believes expert assistance is required. So, she's in search of a good Windows support person. If you know anybody or any place (in Austin) that is really good at PC support, or if you yourself might be interested in the work, please post a comment on this article. I'll direct her to read the recommendations posted here.


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If she wants to take care of it herself she should download and install Spybot: Seek and Destroy, as well as ADAWARE by lavasoft. Both of these is simple to locate by typing their names in Google.

After installing, use their built in update features (while online) and let them rip. They take some time, but they should detect 95% of adware and spyware that a computer can be infected with.

Feel free to contact me if she decides that she needs someone to do the task. It would take a few billable hours however. It seems that this has to be one of the tricks up the sleeve of every I.T. person (worth a damn) nowadays and I probably spend 30% of my days removing it and preventing it.

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I agree with Zack. Download and Install 'Adaware' and 'SpyBot'. I blogged about this subject as well.

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additionally, if you want to pay for a spy/adware removal program the best I've found to date is Spysweeper

I give my HIGHEST endorsements to this program, as it has succeeded in removing adware in most EVERY situation I've had. It is available for a free trial, but I would pay for a full version with updates so that you can leave it running in the background to prevent further infection.

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Well, whatever you do, don't trust Yahoo's "anti-spyware" toolbar..

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Chip, if she really can't get it, email me. It's a rare day these days when I don't have to do at least one spyware call at the Empire; I'm gathering material for an in-house document on "how to get rid of this shit for our customers."