Spam with your Salsa

Recently, I ordered a gift box of salsa from Jardine's Foods (of Buda) for my mom. Jardine gave me an extra little present that is causing me indigestion: they started spamming me with junk email advertisements.

Technically speaking, even though the unsolicited email is annoying and abusive, it's not really spam. That's because I bought something from them, so I have a business relationship with them. It's generally considered acceptable for businesses you work with to email you, but most reputable companies will at least verify you want to opt-into their advertising materials before they start spamming you.

So, I today I severed that relationship. I directed them to stop spamming me, and I vowed to never purchase another Jardine's product. Before you purchase any Jardine's products, you might consider whether you want to open yourself to the risk of junk email, and whether you want to support businesses that use spamming practices.


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re: Spam with your Salsa

A shame. I really like their Cilantro Texasalsa and the Campfire Roasted stuff is good too.