Fresh Air and Wi-Fi

I'm currently sitting in the Council Committee for Telecommunications Infrastructure meeting. Jay Stone of Austin Parks and Recreation Department just announced that the city, in cooperation with a number of local organizations, will begin offering free wireless Internet access in a number of parks.

Auditorium Shores and Republic Square, the parks selected for initial service, are schedule to go live May 18. Brush Square and Woolridge Square are next to follow.

One thing I'm a liittle confused about is that Woolridge Square is already supposed to be lit by signal originating from the Austin History Center. I hope the parks and library folks are coordinating on this.


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re: Fresh Air and Wi-Fi

I followed up with Jay regarding the Woolridge Square situation. PARD is aware there currently is a signal in the park, but it's rather weak. They are looking to put out a strong signal, and are coordinating with the Library folks.