CATool™ 1.3.1 Released

Today, version 1.3.1 of the CATool private certificate authority and X.509 certificate management system was released. I'm the lead developer, so this has been my focus of attention as of late.

The 1.2.x series proved remarkably stable. That is, it did until DBD::mysql version 2 started getting widespread use. Even though it's been out since 2001, many Linux distributions continued shipping version 1.2 for some time after. A change in release 2.1006 (automatic reconnect was disabled) broke compatibility with a lot of perl programs that used MySQL. So, an update was needed.

While in there, I added the first significant new feature: the ability to import certificates generated by other systems. Add-on enhancements can be a test of the original design. Botches in the original design concept often show up here. If, however, the original database schema, object classes, and function libraries are well conceived, then the better the chances you can cleanly add new capabilities.

I'm pleased to say that I got it mostly right. I had to do a little backtracking and tweak a couple of database columns, but otherwise it all went in nicely.

So, if you need to setup a private certificate authority for intranet servers, client authentication, or other applications, I recommend looking into the CATool package.