Cool Tools Community Goes Live

Cool Tools for Change graphicLink: Cool Tools for Change Community Forum.

Last month, the LBJ School sponsored a Cool Tools for Change workshop. This workshop brought together people from the technology and non-profit sectors, to explore ways organizations can use some of the exciting new low-to-no cost online tools.

The workshop gave me an awareness of the gap between those who understand these technologies and those who could benefit from them. I fear that showcasing those tools, in some ways, may have been more frustrating than helpful. There already is some awareness of these tools in non-profits. What's often lacking is the resources and skills to evaluate and implement them.

That's why I'm glad to see a forum has just been set up. This could offer an opportunity to continue the discussions that were only started at the workshop. Maybe it will become the needed resource to connect up those with knowledge of these tools and those who could benefit from them.