SXSW: Paging Greg Bueno

Greg Bueno is stalking me.

He isn't even attending SXSW Interactive, but every day I seem to bump into him. Saturday he follows me to Schlotzky's, under the pretense of meeting somebody for lunch. Sunday I forget exactly where I saw him—or what his lame excuse was. Monday he's outside the convention center, telling me, "I'm going to listen to a friend's presentation." Yeah, that's the ticket.

I was starting to get irritated, and then suddenly today, nothing. Haven't seen hide nor hair of him.

I'm a little concerned. I hope he's alright.

My theory is that since his cover is now blown, they've sent in a replacement.


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re: SXSW: Paging Greg Bueno

*sniff, sniff* You care. You really, really care.