SXSW: Cold, Wet, Grumpy

Onward to day two of SXSW. Day one ended not with a bang, but a sloosh.

At the last minute I got pressed into service as a panelist for the Can You Build a Company From Free Code session. I was glad to help, although I have been more suited for a panel about not making money from open source software.

After that panel, the last of the day, I hooked up with a crew of local ruffians to find a happy hour. We headed out towards 5th Street. The gray skies started drizzling. The battle tank laptop on my shoulder started dragging. I thought it would be a good idea to split off, find my car, drop off the laptop, grab a jacket, and rejoin the group at the club.

An hour later I was wandering around Convention Center area in the rain, trying to remember where I'd parked that morning. By that time my clothes were soaked and my laptop weighed another twenty pounds. I was getting very cold, wet, and grumpy.

I ducked out of the rain and phoned my girlfriend at home. "Help!" She drove down and got me. We had a quick dinner and then set out to retrace my steps that morning. Naturally we found it almost immediately. I suppose I could have rejoined the evening activities, but by that point I just wanted to go home and crawl into bed.

I hope that doesn't happen again. Today I made good note of where I parked. I'm over at the corner of Third and....errrr....something.


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re: SXSW: Cold, Wet, Grumpy

Third and "errr ... something"? I'm disappointed in you, honey bunny. If I have to pick you up tonight, then you have to buy me dinner.