SXSW: The $85 Blog Entry

The sickly batteries in my aged Dell Inspiron laptop won't hold much more than fourty-five minutes charge these days. I brought it with me to SXSW, thinking maybe I could do a little blogging during the breaks. I'm currently sitting in the hallway pulling a good W-Fi singal, in a location near a power outlet.

Unfortunately, one of the conference volunteers just stopped by and suggested that I may want to unplug from the wall. He said if somebody from the Austin Convention Center staff sees me, they will bill me $85 for power.

If that happens then I'm bringing a TV and microwave oven with me tomorow. If I'm going to have to pay for power I want my money's worth.


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re: SXSW: The $85 Blog Entry

The "no plugging in" policy has been rescinded. Apparently SXSW paid the ransom to the convention center so that hallway electricity could be used.