Do Something for Democracy: Support Safe Electronic Voting

Tonight, after the election polls close, Texans have a chance to do something about that. That's when precinct conventions are held. Many people don't realize the primary election allocates only half of the state's delegates. The remainder come through the convention process, which begins at the precinct convention. The precinct convention gives you, in essence, a second vote in the primary.

That's not particularly exciting this year, where the presidential nomination is a foregone conclusion. What is exciting is that the precinct convention offers you the opportunity to introduce resolutions that, if approved, will be carried to the county convention and maybe on to the state convention. Also, the precinct convention chooses delegates to the county convention, and you may be one. (Warning: I've only had experience with the Democratic primary process. If you are a Republican, your mileage may vary.)

Adina Levin recently wrote about a proposed resolution on electronic voting. Here it is. If you bring this resolution to your precinct convention, there is a good chance it will be approved. If enough precincts approve it, there is a good chance it will move on to the county convention and maybe state convention for consideration in the party platform. So if a bunch of us show up tonight, we may be able to make some headway in assuring safe and reliable voting.

Here is what you can do:

  • Vote in the primary.
  • Make three copies of the resolution.
  • Your precinct convention beings at 7:15pm at your regular polling place. Show up.
  • Offer the resolution for your precinct to approve.
  • You may want to put your name into consideration as a delegate to the county convention, so you can carry your support forward.

Here are some additional links on the process: