RDF: Die Die Die!

I think it's time to kill off the RDF feed of this weblog.

For those of you not following at home, there are a multitude of format choices for the RSS syndication format. This is not a good thing. This is mostly the result of a number of people acting badly.

When this blog started, I published 0.91 and 1.0 feeds. Last December, I dropped the 0.91 feed and upgraded it to 2.0. I think now it's time to drop the 1.0 feed (also called "RDF") and consolidate everything to a single 2.0 feed. This may help reduce confusion and hassle created by multiple feeds. Now that 2.0 is widely supported, I think it's the right choice. It offers much of the flexibility of version 1.0 without demanding all of the complexity.

There is another reason for simplifying the feed choices. There is yet another new syndication format on the horizon. I do not want to end up in a situation where I am supporting three feeds.

My RSS 2.0 feed is available at http://www.unicom.com/chrome/index.xml. Soon, I will replace the index.rdf file with a static document that points to this article. I hope folks who were using the RDF feed will switch.


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re: RDF: Die Die Die!

I love this entry about RSS compatibility:

re: RDF: Die Die Die!

Sweet. Now if I can only find a decent Linux news aggregator I'll be set.

I swear to Ghu that the currently available ones are so weak that I'm about to write my own equally stupid one. Ugh.


re: RDF: Die Die Die!

Personally, I like BlogLines (server side), and Straw (GNOME)

A Freshmeat search yields several also.