Hooray for Good Eats: HPB&G

J. and I visited last Saturday afternoon about 4 p.m. The dinner rush hadn't started yet, so we were seated in about five minutes.

I had the pork tenderloin kabob. It was served with rice and a creamed corn that was the best I've ever had. The meat was delicious, nicely browned on the outside but moist inside.

She had the notorious horseshoe sandwich. No, it doesn't have horseshoes in it, but it's very heavy and she only ate about half. It's an open faced burger, covered with cheese sauce, and hidden beneath a mountain of the famous HPB&G battered fries.

Speaking of those fries, I was prepared to not like them but was surprised to find they were, indeed, incredible. I'm a french fry purist. Or plainist. For instance, some people rave over the seasoned fries at Opal Divine's. I can't stand them. Give me the plain old hand cut fries from Dan's Hamburgers any day. I never thought I'd like fancy pants fries. Now I know, those battered fries are darn good.

One final thing deserves mention: HPB&G is a thoroughly enjoyable place to sit and visit with a friend. The current trend in stylish restaurants is to make them loud and lively and raucous. For instance, a few weeks ago I had dinner at the Z Tejas (link to mind-numbingly bad flash site omitted) near the Arboretum. You had to shout to be heard by the person sitting next to you, let alone across the table. When I left I felt like I just spent an evening on a transcontinental flight strapped to a wing. So, the relaxing and unpretentious atmosphere of HPB&G was a delight.

I don't know why I waited to long to visit. I hope to be back soon.


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re: Hooray for Good Eats: HPB&G

I've had the exact opposite experience (on noise) at HPB&G - very hard to even hear myself think much less carry on a conversation.