Firefox is One Foxy Browser

Get FirefoxI've started using the Mozilla Firefox web browser. I had tried the predecessor Firebird browser, but I didn't like it enough to make the move. I think I'm ready now.

Firefox feels faster and more robust. There remains, however, a few missing functions I wish it had.

My biggest dislike is the lack of menu controls for cookie handling. I configure the browser to "ask before accepting" cookies. Moreover, I usually tell Firefox to remember which sites I want to allow cookies and which to block. These are pretty basic functions, offered both in Firefox and Mozilla. The problem is that if I want to change a site, Firefox forces me to go into the cookie configuration, look up the site, and manually delete it from the list. Mozilla offers a quick command on the menus.

Also, there doesn't seem to be any controls for animated images. In Mozilla, the Stop command will freeze animated images. Also, you can force endless-looped images to play only once, or even suppress animation completely. Firefox lacks these features.

There is hope. Firefox is remarkably extensible, so it's possible that someday an extension will be written to add them. On the other hand, the extensions are not a panacea. There is not a functioning remove procedure. Also, they can be clunky. For instance, the Bookmark Checker adds important functionality, but not very well. You can, for example, check all the links in a collapsed folder, but when you expand the folder to view inside the link statuses will be removed.

Nonetheless, for a version 0.8 technology preview release, it's remarkably solid and functional. I think Firefox may become my browser of choice--even on those operating systems that bundle their own web browser.


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Also cool about Firefox is that there's a multitude of extensions you can add to it. At work, I've got the Web Developer and EditCSS extensions installed, both of which make it easier for me to test web page changes on my browser. It'll automatically resize the screen to simulate different monitor resolutions, and you can outline various elements on the page to make debugging easier. You can even validate a page inline, without ever having to go to It definitely appeals to my inner geek. Not to mention my outer geek.

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I use Firefox @ work, and I find that it is a bit buggy, e.g. not refreshing when scrolling down, etc.

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The thing that gets me is people being 'consumers' when they're using open source software. If it's buggy, you've got to report it, that's how you pay for it, by contributing - that's what makes open source software like Apache superior to commercial software.
Otherwise you turn the software product you're using into something like a very badly financed commercial software.

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Not a biggie but, the first link is missing the "h" of "http."

Just thought you'd want to know.


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j, fixed now. Thanks.