RSS Changes

I've made a number of changes to the RSS feeds at this site. I've upgrade the 0.91 feed to a version 2.0 feed. That feed is now preferred to the version 1.0 feed. Both the sidebar XML button and the header <LINK> tag point there.

Both feeds are running tweaked versions of the Mark Pilgrim and Sam Ruby templates. I tweaked the 2.0 template by changing <guid> from funky references to permalinks, adding <dc:creator> information, and dropping <content> full entries. I can't do full content because a lot of my blog entries have relative URLs. Even if I fixed that, I've got some qualms about using RSS for blog reading (as opposed to blog update notifies).

I'm considering eliminating the 1.0 feed completely at some future time. Feedback on that or other issues concerning my RSS are welcome.