Please Explain this Evil

Can anybody please explain to me why Sprint PCS can offer the ability to add options to my cellular phone plan--and make it as simple as clicking a button on a web page--but cannot delete no-longer-wanted options? They say the computer won't let them and I need to switch to a new plan.

Under this new plan my basic monthly charge goes up $5/month, but the total goes down $5/month (because I now can drop the unwanted option), I get a ton more minutes and they said they'd waive the committment to a long-term agreement. In the end, I'm satisfied with that.

Still, this seems like a darn inept way to run a railroad.


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re: Please Explain this Evil

I had the same problem- I signed up for that phone replacement plan because my boyfriend told me to when I signed up. When he needed a new phone six months later, they told him they'd replace the phone, but he'd have to send his old one in the mail and then wait six to eight weeks for them to send him a new one. I then wanted to get rid of this extra $5, but they won't let me. And I've had enough plan switching that I was just like screw it, I can waste $5 a month!

re: Please Explain this Evil

You've got to keep an eye on those plans. It's happened to me twice with AT&T that a newer plan appears that costs the same or less as the one that I currently have, but offers more minutes. Effectively, I've been paying more than I had to for fewer minutes for several months. Of course, the company has no incentive to move you, but it'd be good for customer loyalty (especially now that you can switch and keep your number).