Bye Bye, Ma Bell

I just phoned SBC and asked them to terminate my phone service. Come Monday, I will be without wired phone service. Between cable Internet and cellular phone, it just wasn't being used for much. It was costing me about $35/month for this underused service. I can throw a small part of that at an upgraded cellular plan and pocket the rest.

You could say that SBC spam cost them a customer. The final straw that prompted the cancelation was their $5 late charges. My bill paying cycle is out of sync with their bill sending cycle, so I almost always got hit with the late charge. This irritated me greatly.

Some time back, I used their electronic billing and it worked great. I'd be notified when my bill was ready, and jump over to my bill paying service to schedule a payment. Then, however, they started spamming my email with the most ridiculous crap, like promotions for the San Antonio Spurs. I phoned corporate offices in Dallas, but they failed to stop the spam. I ultimately got it to stop by canceling the on-line billing service and having them purge my email address from their databases.

So I'm thinking that maybe if they hadn't misused my address for spamming, I probably still would be a customer. I would have still had the ebill service, I wouldn't have gotten slapped with the late charges and I wouldn't have gotten pissed off at them. (The business office person worked hard to keep my business, including offering to rebate a couple months' late charges.)

You know, at one time giving up your land line was a terribly heroic thing. I suspect you all are very blase about it all. I know I am.


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re: Bye Bye, Ma Bell

SBC is the Spawn of Satan. That's all I have to say about that.