My Sister, the Artisan

Link: A dazzling success: Franklin woman crafts popular beaded jewelry (link removed)

My little pipsqueak sister just got a nice writeup in her local daily. She has been crafting jewelry and selling it primarily at parties and over the web. She has a particularly cool deal with a local coffeehouse, where a portion of proceeds is donated to the Coffee Kids Organization.

Nov 21 update: Link removed. Newspaper moved it to their pay archive.


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re: My Sister, the Artisan

Hmmm. That link tells me that the article isn't available. I searched the archive and found it, but they want me to subscribe in order to see it. I suppose there's a one week limit on seeing older stuff for free. Sigh.

re: My Sister, the Artisan

Grumble grumble. Thanks for catching this, Tim.

re: My Sister, the Artisan

She's got some really nice jewelry. I especially like the bracelets and fly swatters. :)