On the Road: Bubba Ho-tep is Coming

Last week, I was disappointed to see that Lost in Translation had left the Alamo Village before I had a chance to see it. I was quite pleased, however, to see that Bubba Ho-tep continues its run.

Bubba Ho-tep explores the musical question, "What would happen if Elvis and JFK were alive today and living in a retirement home haunted by an Egyptian soul-sucking monster?" It's a smart and clever movie. It has, however, been unable to get distribution, so few places outside Austin have been able to see it. The people in Austin who have seen it seem to like it.

While in New Orleans, we saw that Lost in Translation was still playing at the Canal Place Cinema. This is a Landmark Theatre, the art-house chain that also owns the Dobie. After walking the French Quarter a few hours, we thought it might be nice to take a load off and watch a movie.

Lost in Translation was nice and the New Orleans movie audience was staggeringly awful ("Hey Louise! Keep shaking that bag to smear that butter all over the popcorn."), but what I want to tell you about is the trailers. We're watching the screen and suddenly it's Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis up there. Yes, Bubba Ho-tep is on the way.

It's nice more people will be able to see it. I'd like to think the Austin reception helped launch the movie into theaters.


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re: On the Road: Bubba Ho-tep is Coming

I hope you got to see Bubba's screenwriter Joe Lansdale when he was in town during the Texas Book Festival last weekend. I heard him on a panel about thrillers, along with Jan Burke (Nine and Bones), Laura Lippman (Every Secret Thing), and Austinites David Lindsey (The Rules of Silence), and Steven Saylor (Have You Seen Dawn?).

re: On the Road: Bubba Ho-tep is Coming

Bubba Ho-tep was a brilliant movie. I think it made me laugh harder than any other film this year. I was also pleased that it dealt with the fact that Johnson planned the assassination. My only advice is if you see it at the Alamo don't order food unless you have an iron stomach because the opened scenes are kinda gross. I had the hot chicken wings and I had to give them to my husband. :)