On the Road: Blogging from New Orleans

It's nice to see that Austin isn't the only city that's discovered that wireless freakin' rocks. Even New Orleans has wireless.

I'm currently sitting at PJ's Coffee (screenshot of lame company homepage) outside a mall in Metairie, Louisiana. I don't know which pleases me more, finding wireless or a real cup of coffee without any of the bloody chicory stuff.

In typical fashion, I plan to eat my way through this vacation. Yesterday, I was introduced to charbroiled oysters. Today, it will be roast beef po-boys. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. (Probably crawfish heads and boudin sausage balls.)


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re: On the Road: Blogging from New Orleans

If there's any place on earth worth eating your way through, I think New Orleans would be it!

Hope you're surviving the parental unit evaulation. :) Howdy to J from me too. (I assume that's your reason for being there?)

re: On the Road: Blogging from New Orleans

Having grown up in Metairie, I think PJs saved us all from having one too many chicories at Morning Call.

I was also surprised to discover PJs had wireless... but then, I was always surprised to find any tech in NoLa. Its funny to me to see all the tech conferences in one of the most technically slow parts of the country.

But they do try hard. Laissez le bon temp roule...