KGSR: Attack of the One Hit Wonders


It's been ages since I've listened to radio for long periods of time. Maybe I'll catch ten minutes here or there while driving around town. When I'm at home, I tend to listen to my own music or Internet streams. Lately, I've been working a lot at my girlfriend's house, away from my CDs and MP3s, on a laptop with tinny boppa-boppa-boppa speakers. For a while I kept KGSR on in the background. Now, I'd rather have silence.

You can't tell how inexorably bad KGSR has become from brief commute-time snippets. If you listen for any extended period, the blandness becomes stunning. Edie Brickell, Warren Zevon and John Hiatt--some of my favorite musicians--all have new albums out. Thanks to KGSR, I'm sick to death of them. KGSR picks one track and plays the bleeding thing into the ground--while completely ignoring the remainder of the album. KGSR has taken some great musicians and spun, folded and mutilated them into a Top-40 format.

It's fashionable to bash Clear Channel Communications over the state of broadcast radio. If KGSR is any indication, the smaller owners aren't doing much better.


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re: KGSR: Attack of the One Hit Wonders

I DEFINITELY see you as a Warren Zevon fan...

me too!

I don't listen to the radio, period. The morning commute is unbearable if I don't have my iPod since, you know, they don't play music in the morning, anymore... (ok, yes... NPR is a decent alternative, but some mornings are too groggy for NPR).

So here's my ironic confession: I freely admit that I spend enormous amounts of time downloading the Howard Stern show, in its entirety, from newsgroups. I have a disturbing collection of CDs filled with archives of the show dating back to the 1980's... for many of those years, my collection is "complete" and I often go on hunting and trading sprees to find specific fills (anyone have a March 14, 1994?)

I obviously have recused myself from the radio complaint table.