Product is Shipping

Link: CATool Product Information

One of the reasons I like product design so much is because I get giddily excited when people are willing to pay good cash money for something I built. There hasn't been a lot of product shipping during this economic downturn, but last week I received a little piece of joyous news.

On-and-off over the past year, in conjunection with Amaranth Networks, I've been designing a product that implements a private certificate authority and manages X.509 certificates for an organization. These certificates are used to secure and identify everything from web servers to AOL Instant Messenger sessions.

The product is called CATool. There is a white paper (150KB PDF) with a pretty good overview of the features. Open System Consultants just signed on as the world-wide distributor. So, if you ever wanted to run your very own certificate authority out of your sewing room, your chance has come.


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(Do I need a sewing room, now?)