My Unhappy Pussy

cc is my co-editor and the official IJTLCSH mascot. It's been a while since I've posted news of him, mainly because there hasn't been much to report. (He sleeps a lot. He eats when he isn't sleeping. He's grouchy when he isn't sleeping or eating. In other words, he's a freaking cat.)

A little over a week ago, I noticed he'd stopped eating the dry food I feed him. He still had an appetite. He reminded me of that fact at every possible opportunity, and as loudly as possible. If I fed him some of the wet, stinky food from a can, he'd chow it all down. But he wouldn't touch the dry food. That concerned me greatly.

In fact, it sent me into a panic. He'd done this before. A little over a year ago I brought him to the vet with similar symptoms. He had a fractured jaw. It was a terrible ordeal, and I don't think either of us could stand to go through it again.

When I called my vet, they were very nice and scheduled an appointment for that afternoon. The vet said the jaw was fine, which was a huge relief. He also said the dental condition was grade one, which means "everything fine, but needs a cleaning." (I wonder if there is such a thing as grade zero "no dental work required" in the sooper-sekrit vet manual. I suspect not.) The blood work came back negative. Other than some disconcerting lesions on his cornea, he got a clean bill of health. Or, at least, as clean as a tremendously overweight, old fart of a cat (14 years old) could get.

So, I don't know why he stopped eating the dry food. Although I'm no longer in a complete panic, I'm still concerned. I've switched him to canned, so he's eating fine. For a number of reasons, I'd rather he was eating dry.

I'm not sure what to do. Should I try to find a brand of dry food he's willing to eat? Should I continue digging for a medical cause? Or should I just accept this as something an older cat would do? Any suggestions would be welcome.


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re: My Unhappy Pussy

Good dry food is recommended for cats, especially males.

Sience Diet is my recommend food for all cats.

Get something with high concentration of ash as male cats can get urinary blockage that can put them in a grave very quickly.

re: My Unhappy Pussy

make that LOW ash content

re: My Unhappy Pussy

I rely on Science Diet. One cat of mine got very ill last year (not keeping food down) right after I'd switched to Iams. So we ended up back w/ SD.

Fourteen is an age where cats have strange food habits. My first cat began eating everything in sight the summer she turned 14, but could keep nothing down. She even ate people food -- weird stuff like salad. She lost a ton of weight. All tests were negative. Because she couldn't keep food in her, we ended up having to euthanize her. On the other hand, I've got friends/family whose cats lived to be 18 and 20. Just keep an eye on him. Could be he's just tired of chewing so hard. ;)

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I hope your vet palpitated cc's stomach to check for any problems there.

Last year, our oldest cat stopped eating dry food, so we took her in to check on her teeth. It turned out she had a large tumor in her stomach. Unfortunately, it was inoperable and we lost her a month later.

re: My Unhappy Pussy

Thanks for the suggestions, everybody.

Jimbo - in fact, years back, cc did have a urinary tract blockage. So, as you can imagine, I've been very careful about his food. I fed him Purina ONE for years after that, and switched him to Nutro Senior a few years back.

Kathryn - thanks for the suggestion. I hate to get into a situation where I'm buying $6-8 bags of food for him to try, and he ends up not eating them.

Margaret - the vet was squeezing pretty vigorously around the mid-section. Not sure what he was looking for, but whatever it was he didn't find it.

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I hope CC is ok. You'll have to post an update in a week or two. When I was a kid, I always had fish or funky critters, because I was allergic to cats and dogs. I had some of my fish for 16 years, which made it hard to lose them. One I actually burried in the yard, but the others were still "flushable." Other pets didn't fare so well, either. The hamsters didn't last, the snake escaped (we never found her), and my mom "accidentally" drown my tortoise while I was at school one day. Now I have two ferrets and losing either of them would be much more difficult, I think. There's illnes to think about and vaccinations - all kinds of things that were easier to deal with in fish and snakes. I know how much I worry when either of my ferrets doesn't "seem right." Hang in there and let us know how things are going.

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Glad that the condition isn't life threatening. We've had as many as nine cats at at time and had several weird situations... the worst of which were poison, and complete disappearance of seven all at once (evidently swiped in a neighborhood sweep to find cats to sell for experimentation). My recollection is that our cats wouldn't eat anything but one dry food, and that was Meow Mix. Probably not the healthiest, but what can you do?

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Hope the kitty is okay.

I lost my wittle Fief in February from calculi blockages in the penis and urinary tract. He ate DADS dry urinary tract health food for the 2 years before this that I owned him. He was 11.
It was the first time he ever had a blockage unless one of the previous owners forgot about it.
I was told that any cat that's had a blockage should be on prescription canned food.
There are also pH test kits where you can test their urine for acidity to make sure it's not too alkaline.
I still wonder if the high alkaline quality of my tap water has something to do with it all. The cat went from living in San Francisco, eating whatever kind of food, where the water is supposedly very soft & acidic - never had a problem there. Then, after 2 years eating the special urinary tract formula food living with me, he got highly alkaline urine & developed stones & blockage.
The thing is, apparently MOST male cats meet their ends via urinary tract or penis blockage. It seems to go along with male cat old age.

Interestingly enough, Fief showed no marked preference for canned food (or wet food in the pouch). My other cat gets excited when I give her the wet pouch food or canned food. She'd take that over dry food any day. Fief wasn't really like that.