Texas AG Weighs in on Spam


Link: Can Texas Lasso Spam?

The linked article, from the Foat Wurth Startlegram, discusses the pending Texas spam law and quotes me being skeptical.

It says the Texas Attorney General office is ready to go after some spammer hide. Unfortunately, I'm not getting a lot of comfort that they know how to go about doing it--let alone have a plan in place.

For instance, the mechanism they have setup for collecting spam complaints (report via phone or web form) is exactly wrong. People who collect spam complaints know most spam victims don't submit actionable spam reports. Heck, most spam victims will admit it themselves. I'll be surprised if more than 10% of the reports they receive by these mechanisms include the trace information necessary for a spam investigation.

I think the FTC model is superior, where they setup a general mailbox uce [at] ftc [dot] gov to feed a collection that can be used for data mining.

I'm pleased the reporter presented my position accurately, unlike the recent TV news story on the law. There were two key points I wanted to make, and I'm glad to see they were reported. First, this is a weak law, one of the weakest in the nation. Second, this is not a law that prohibits spam, but rather enables it.