Surf's Up


I heart trashy instrumental guitar music. Now, I can get a weekly dose, at the Hot Rod Surfin' Party every Monday night (9-12) at Beerland, Texas.

This surf showcase is produced by Burnin' Mike Vernon, and features Mike's band Three Balls of Fire. Last night's show was great. Mike played several songs off his latest disc.

Up before 3 Balls was The Undertakers. This was the first time I've heard them, and they knocked my socks off. They played some of their own compositions, some classic surf, and even a bit of nasty metal.

So remember to put down Monday night in your Daytimer. And don't forget Freddy Steady's Midnight Howl continues on Tuesday nights.


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re: Surf's Up

This is so cool! I love surf music! If you "heart" it a lot, check out the Psycho Beach Party movie soundtrack. Good stuff.