Microsoft Issues Patch for Buggy Lawsuit


Link: Microsoft says sorry to 'spammer'

This is a followup to an article I posted in June. Microsoft had just unleashed a torrent of lawsuits against spammers. It appeared, however, they may have mistakenly snared the wrong guy in their dragnet. At that time, I found their response to the possible mistake to be (engage diplomacy filter) somewhat uncharitable.

Simon Grainger, the innocent victim, was kind enough to stop by this blog the other day and add a comment to that article noting the nightmare ordeal is now over. It took Microsoft nearly six weeks to confirm what was obvious to most everybody else: they had the wrong guy. Microsoft announced the charges against Simon would be dropped, and offered an "unreserved apology."

Buggy code. Buggy lawsuits. Seems like it infests the corporate culture.