Just Ignore the GWF


I was reading a mailing list yesterday, where ISP abuse desk personnel were complaining about the morons who run crummy firewall software on their home computers and call support with complaints like, "I'm being hacked from"

These people need to have their Internet driver's license taken away from them. is a special address reserved for your own damn computer. Such complaints, though common, indicate you've got the software locked down too tight and misconfigured to boot.

Apparently, standard procedure is to just close the trouble tickets for these sorts of incidents, marking them "GWF." That stands for goober with firewall. I think it's a great term, but I'll never again be able to read personal ads in the same way.


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re: Just Ignore the GWF

haha, I know the feeling of that all too well. I remember we once had a guy whos firewall was going off whenever his buddy would icq him and *they* were convinced that somebody out there was trying to steal his icq number!

re: Just Ignore the GWF

That's like the clowns that run around asking:

"Hey I heard there is a massive software dump at, do you know the user name and password?"

(chalk that one up to clueless newbies on IRC)

People are pretty dumb. What's even funnier is that these GWFs continue to open mysterious attachments they recieve from Aunt Millie. Nevermind removing their internet license - take their computers away.

re: Just Ignore the GWF

Heh, that article reminds me of those "windows accelerator" programs from the days of win 3.1 - they'd have a spiffy console and waste a bunch of cpu cycles. The console would tell you how much it sped up your m$ bloatware.

Dammit I just got another spam from root@localhost... says he can't find "configuration file /etc/exim/exim.conf". Why is he trying to read one of my files?