Spam of the Month: Aug 2003


We are less than a week into the month, and I'm pretty sure I've got this month's winner already. This spam comes from Hong Kong, with a subject of:

Subject: Toweling products from Daily Firm 

It almost sounds like they are trying to sell me something vaguely, but ineptly, naughty. The darn thing is when I read the text of the message, it doesn't make any more sense.


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re: Spam of the Month: Aug 2003

I don't know, I got the best spam subject line yesterday:

"most amazing product to meet women in history"

Wow, just think! You could meet Joan of Arc and Red Emma Goldman and Eleanor Roosevelt and Marie Antoinette ... damn. I was sorely tempted to try it.

re: Spam of the Month: Aug 2003

How's about this for a subject line? I want to have occasion to call someone this name! :-)

Subject: armhole, Web Based Pharrmacy OvernightsMeds To You

Armhole? Sounds vaguely obscene!