Ain't no Apricot Seeds in the Pokey


Link: Bellerose Man Convicted Of Selling Apricot Pits As Remedy

Jason Vale was never one of the most significant spammers, but he was one of the more persistent and annoying. For years, my mailbox received a steady stream of his spams, pedaling apricot seeds as a cure for cancer. After the intervention of the FDA and several federal judges, the spam finally should stop.

What made Jason particularly annoying was his excessive self-righteousness. It was also his downfall. His final mistake was violating an order from a federal judge. He was recently found guilty of contempt, and is now awaiting sentencing. I hope the sentence is sufficient to break down his resistence to clue.


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re: Ain't no Apricot Seeds in the Pokey

Steve McQueen died of throat cancer, and in the end attempted to cure it with apricot pits. Obviously didn't work.

re: Ain't no Apricot Seeds in the Pokey

Never received any spam from Jason Vale and/or any apricot-seed promoters.
Nor would I need any promoting. As a child, I enjoyed cracking apricot pits with a rock and eating them; they taste like almonds, only the flavour is a bit stronger. I ate TONS of them every summer, so I guess I must be immune to cyanide by now...

Anyway, Jason's "mistake" was obviously not spamming (or else why is Viagra - not to mention bestiality - spam allowed to flourish...?), but to inadvertently (?) take on the almighty pharmaceutical scum and their lap dogs: the FDAs of this world. The last good thing any pharmaceutical company ever produced was Aspirin - and even that you can replace by taking willow bark. Or why do you think its official name is salicylic acid..? (Hint: the Latin name for willow is Salix...)

And another thing: how come the 5th amendment only applies to fashionable, "politically correct" issues...?

And may you never find yourself in need of apricot kernels, like Jason did. (Because if you do, the Pfizers of this world won't help you.)

re: Ain't no Apricot Seeds in the Pokey

A lapsus calami, of course (but not exactly a calamity)... What Apricot meant was the 1st amendment. Don't know why she bothers with numbers at all...
Bottomline: freedom of speech. (And freedom of peach's. And apricots.)

re: Ain't no Apricot Seeds in the Pokey

A comment to the comment above about Steve McQueen...he like many others waited until his body was too far gone to try the apricot extract therapy. Jason Vale was healed of cancer by eating apricot seeds. He tried this therapy after he had cancer twice before only to have it return after receiving surgery(removing several ribs) and chemo & radiation. He has been cancer-free for 10 years since using the apricot seed therapy (as mentioned in G. Edward Griffin's book - World Without Cancer) He went on to become the world arm wrestling champion after his healing. 28,000 others have also been healed of various cancers through hearing of Jason's healing when he was interviewed on TV Extra. Anyone who actually knows Jason knows he is a man of God and gives God all of the glory for creating foods that heal (and he is not self-righteous as the person above stated) and he wishes for others to receive knowlede of what cured him and thousands of others of deadly cancers.

re: Ain't no Apricot Seeds in the Pokey

Steve Mcqueen did die, sadly, not from cancer but from complications during cosmetic surgery to remove the benign tumor remaining after successful b-17 therapy. As long as we listen to, and believe the mainstream media, we will all continue to be deceived.